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Restaurant in Shoreditch

A different take on your usual night out, Bogayo is a restaurant located at 320 Old Street in Shoreditch that provides delectable cuisine and impeccable ambiance. More than your usual restaurant, Moroccan cuisine is served for your discriminating and adventurous palate. With an exotic yet homely setting, you are surely to enjoy a quiet and intimate dinner with friends or a fun and enjoyable night with a variety of drinks on our bar.
Throughout the day, a variety of Moroccan cuisine is served. Hearty meals of generous servings are presented in a North African ambiance with exotic carpets and lounge areas. Intricately designed lamps and unique patterns fill the lounge with a homey and relaxed feel. Luxurious furniture and delicate Moroccan ornaments makes the place more interesting. By simply marveling at the displays, much can be said about the complex and intricate traditions of the Moroccan people.
It is such a delight to bring a different slice of the world into a restaurant in Shoreditch, the center of London restaurants, pubs and lounges. The interior of the lounge is a contract to the busy and demanding rush of London. It is surely an urban escape to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones in a low-key, yet grotesquely presented establishment with belly-dancers providing entertainment.
If you can't wait to experience a different night-out, get yourself in a bus from Liverpool Street and swoon over restaurants around the area. There is no other restaurant however, that would provide you with the eccentric flair of Moroccan cuisine like Bogayo can.
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Christmas Party venue hire London

Add a dash of Moroccan fusion to your Christmas party venue in Old Street, Shoreditch. Bogayo Moroccan fusion provides a different take on your events by having colorful and sophisticated ornaments and luxurious furniture to your event. Wine and dine with our exotic menu from dusk until dawn. Be entertained with belly dancers in delicate fabrics and jewelries that mirror the beauty and refinement of the North African charm.
Finding a Christmas Party venue in Shoreditch should not be too difficult, as there are a lot to choose from. Make it as memorable as possible by having Moroccan fusion cuisine into your menu. Bogayo has a three-course meal of authentic Moroccan flavors to satisfy your guests' need for a different experience. Allow your friends and guests to enjoy a different culture in an exotic Christmas Party venue in Liverpool Street. Since it is not too far from the bus station, getting around the area is not much of a hassle.
After having a hearty meal, chill and relax in our bar available with wines and spirits to match even the pickiest states. In the winter cold, the warmth of our wine and the hospitality of our staff will surely keep you cozy for the night. Being with friends in a very easy setting makes you comfortable and allows you to be your own self, even in front of your guests.
This holiday season, find a Christmas Party venue to hire in London that would make you feel the spirit of Christmas more than any other place. Gather your family, relative or friends around in an exciting, yet serene venue that everyone will love "Bogayo Moroccan Fusion Cuisine" and you will surely be back even without special occasions.
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Bar Shoreditch

After a long and tiring day, isn't it great to ease up on a perfectly mellowed down, low tempo bar in Shoreditch? Of course, where else is it best to have the finest wines but in Bogayo, a Moroccan Fusion Lounge and bar in Old Street?
Loosen up that tie and head over to the most relaxing and chilled place in the East End of London. Bring your friends and find yourselves among the mists of belly dancers and North African tunes and a glass of wine. Speaking of wine, why don't you get yourself the delectable choices of Bogayo to whet your appetite for the night?
Indulge your senses in a hearty meal prepared and served Moroccan style for those who want to get to Morocco fast. Have soft and tender meat lamb, belly dancers a relaxed and welcoming ambiance and all you need is the sand! Come and take a journey into the sandy deserts and beautiful people through the experience in Bogayo. Out staff will make you feel the finest guest they have ever come across -- all in between sips of your favorite wine.
Where else would you find a bar in Liverpool Street that has everything that you need rolled into one - and more? Make your night in Bogayo one that you will truly remember. It is an oasis to the hectic lifestyle of urban living. Truly remarkable for the good dine excellent wine and a perfect night out to cap your day all in the silent recluse of Bogayo, a Moroccan haven in the heart of the city.
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